Naked and young

Barcelona has a little bit of everything. One of these things I inevitably realized when I moved here was such a vivid gay atmosphere, if you’re eager to feel it. It was last summer that I saw an ad of Boyberry. At first I was a little bit scared because I did not know what it was about. Nevertheless I jumped in and decided to go one hot (really hot!) afternoon. To my surprise, it was exactly like I was imagining: a lot of guys, a lot of sex. I kept visiting the place but, just until recently, something that I won’t forget happened. The fact that I am 19 was even more attractive, which raised my feelings a little bit. It was a Naked Party. I had just gotten in and turned around once and I was already seeing some hot guys. Exactly the hottest approached me, he was a local guy and we started talking. Nice thing we spoke the same language. I could not resist and my heart started beating faster and his too. He started kissing me and I don’t think I can remember much, HAHA! No, really, it was amazing. As he kissed me he started touching my dick as it got harder and harder, just like his. I was wet as hell. I couldn’t help but touch his incredible ass, hard but perfect. We both knew we had to move on. It was one of these moments in which you don’t really care about anything else but one thing: have pleasure. His lips were soo red and young-ish. Oh boy. We started looking for an empty spot but looks like people were so busy, LOL. Eventually we found one and he asked me what I liked and my smile and eyes answered for me. He touched my dick just by the head of it as it became harder and it felt like heaven. I probably still remember exactly how it felt. He was kissing my body, and touching – all hot stuff. He started fingering my ass very softly and hell no one had done such a thing before, but I let him since I was enjoying it. Shortly after I told him I wanted to give him a blowjob. What a nice and hard dick he had. It was big and wet and beautiful and young-ish. Oh wow. But it looks like I’m a great sucker as he could not resist and had to cum, haha. Anyway, his cum tasted great, the little that rested on my mouth. Then a final kissed ended it. It was a great night. As I was anxious for more I went down to the -1 floor. There was a little boy in there which put me on immediately, like one of these moments you get turned on in seconds, yes. As I got closer he an orgy started. Some other guys were sucking and fucking too. But still I wanted to do something with him, so I started touching him and his ass was heaven and he had a great white dick which was also really nice. I started touching it, however I don’t think he can remember me as there were other trying to do the same thing too haha, he was like the soul of the party. It was very nice. I started jerking off and it was all a good environment that I cummed fast, but I kept doing it, like a heaven thing. What a nice view there was!

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